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Tickets and Registration

Participation in sections, round tables and CodeSprint, as well as a tour around the Academpark are free.

Food, educational and entertainment programs can be paid by you choice. You can buy tickets in your account. To do it you should be registered for the event.

An additional item of expenditure: public transport and taxis, hostel, hotel or apartment rental cost. We can provide assistance in the guests accommodation, please contact the organizers on this issue.

The cost of dinner on Friday, December 18 will be about 200 rubles. The dinner will take place in "KUKURUZZA" cafe in Academpark.

On the second day, December 19, we will order food delivery for lunch: you can choose pizza, Chinese food in boxes or sushi. Second-day lunch can be paid via the Camp website account.

Participants' amount at the conference is limited, it is recommended to register in advance.

After the registration you will get a possibility to download the ticket from your profile page. Please, print the ticket and show it on the reception desk on the conference. Your ticket is also your badge (we will give the badge holders at the event), so please cut out the highlighted part.

We recommend you to stay in Siberia for a few days after the conference to gain even more impressions. We have the legendary Lake Baikal and the Altai mountains not so far from Novosibirsk.

Also we invite you to support the Drupal Camp Siberia 2015 and become a friend of Drupal!