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Novosibirsk is an industrial metropolis, surrounded by forests and divided into two parts by the mighty river. It is very young, but growing at a record pace! Novosibirsk is the third most populous city, and the largest municipality in the country! You can see its beautiful views in all seasons in a blog of a famous photographer Slava Stepanov. Welcome to see the wonderful views from the bird's-eye by the links: link 1, link 2.

Also we really have polar bears and you can see them alive! As a preview you can see them now via online translation.

In December, we have a lot of snow and freshness! The average air temperature is -14°C. You can see the most accurate weather forecast on gismeteo a week before the event.

City transport

In our city we have an underground and a wide network of ground public transport. Fares are from 18 to 43 rubles.

Underground operates from 6 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. Minibuses between Akademgorodok and “Rechnoy vokzal” station operates up to 10 p.m. Trolleybus, bus and tram - up to 11 p.m.

You can buy subway tokens in underground ticket offices or via token machines.

Overground transport trips can be payed by cash.

Please, see Novosibirsk underground scheme on Wikipedia.


One international airport “Tolmachevo” located at the edge of the city Novosibirsk. You can take a taxi to the airport, or you can take a bus. Buses number 112 and number 122 usually go from station “Ploschad Marksa” to "Tolmachevo". The approximate fare between the Tolmachevo and the center - 700 rubles, between Akademgorodok and Tolmachevo - 900.



Taxi costs much more expensive than other types of transportations. We recommend you clarify in detail the cost and type of fare pricing. Sometimes you can get caught in traffic in Novosibirsk. To count the cost and order a taxi we recommend you to use such services as Yandex.Taxi and Uber.


Railway Stations

Tickets on long-distance trains are available on the website RZD. The building of “Vokzal Glavnyi” - one of the architecture monuments. Information about schedule of trains you can see here.

For you it will be the most convenient way to orientate, using 2GIS maps. In addition to web-version, there are mobile apps for all platforms. Service will help you to find place for entertainment, recreation, shopping and everything else.

Akademgorodok is a world-famous science center, which is located in the outskirts of Novosibirsk, where several dozens of research institutes are surrounded by woods and park areas. Traditionally, “Akadem” is a location of IT-companies. The district was built for the Siberian scientists in the Soviet period, and since its foundation, it is considered as one of the most prestigious places for living and the bearer of the intellectual atmosphere.


NSU is the leading Siberian and global educational center. According to Worldwide Professional University Rankings RankPro® 2014/2015, Novosibirsk State University takes place 43 in the hundred of the best world universities. Participants of the conference will be hosted in the new dormitories of the university.

Our conference will be held on the territory of Technopark of Novosibirsk Akademgorodok. According to the cumulative productivity and income, Academpark is an undisputed leader among all the technoparks in Russia. Hundreds of companies, which are creating high-tech and science intensive manufacturing, are its residents. Unique scientific and technological infrastructure allows to create for residents the best conditions for education and development of innovative business.

The best bars, cultural and social facilities are situated along Lenina Street. View interior facilities and read reviews about specificity of the place you will be able on Flamp. We have prepared for you an extensive entertainment program.